Mini Mac Light

Mini Mac Light  

This New Addition to the MACPUMP family has been great. All though the name implies that is a light weight pump it is a bit misleading. This is a full size pump with all the power of the standard pump without the weight.   


The Mini Mac Light is a 4.5 lbs manual balloon pump and comes with a carrying strap to make transporting this great little pump around easy. The MML MACPUMP is made of durable PVC and stands 34" tall but can be made to fit your build. Remember we are the manufacture so we can customize it to meet your need. The MML MACPUMP can fully inflate a standard 260Q.

The Mini Mac Light is a great little pump no matter what your venue may be. If you’re into restaurants its light weight and small presents is just what you would want. I work a mall venue and what I really like about it is I can bring my bag and MML MACPUMP in one trip. If your looking for a well built pump this is it. 


The Mini Mac light will always be improving and I believe this pump will appeal to every twister because of its versatility and ease of use. 



Take a look at the pump Demo

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Maintenance and care of the Mini Mac Light 


To clean your Mini Mac remove the nylon screw at the top of the 3” cylinder and lift the center pole out (you may have to lift moderately hard to separate the pump). Now with a clean cloth or paper towel wipe off the valve assembly and O ring. Check O ring for ware if worn out replace the O ring (available from 

f O ring is okay use a light amount of Vaseline on the O ring. Wipe out the cylinder with a clean cloth or paper towel. Once the cylinder is clean place a small amount of Vaseline around the inside of the 3” cylinder below the air intake hole. 

  Reassemble the pump by place the center pole, valve assembly first into the 3” cylinder. The center pole should be inserted at a slight angel take care NOT to pinch the O ring. Once inserted into cylinder straighten and replace cap aligning air intake hole and threaded hole and replace nylon screw. You should now be ready to go.