For your MACPUMP

This MACPUMP has been packaged in a way that no damage will occur during transit. If you receive the MACPUMP and it is damaged due to the selected carrier, please report it immediately to the nearest carrier terminal.

MACPUMP guarantees the mechanics of its product. If you find the MACPUMP not functioning properly during NORMAL use, please see the inflating instructions and make sure you are inflating your balloons properly.

With proper handling, if for any reason your MACPUMP becomes damaged or broken - it is under a limited lifetime warranty, that we will replace or repair your MACPUMP at no additional cost to you. If you desire to have the MACPUMP replaced or repaired, you must send your MACPUMP back with an explanation of the damage. A determination at that time will be made on the liability of the warranty.

Return shipments must be packaged in a way that no damage will occur during transit. Return shipments must be shipped common carrier best way. Return shipments must include Shipping & Handling Fee necessary to send MACPUMP back to you once it is repaired.

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