Manual Pumps

Macpump Classic
The design on this professional...

The design on this professional series manual pump will make your twisting quicker and easier! This MACPUMP Classic is made up of 4" PVC. Because all of my MACPUMPS are custom, whether you are short or tall, the height of the pump can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.
The weight of the Macpump Classic Pump...
The weight of the Macpump Classic Pump is only 7 lbs! Transporting of this pump will never be a problem because of the nylon strap incorporated in the design. 

  • Great product! Only wish I could have found it earlier!
  • This is a solid balloon pump. Does a superb job pumping balloons!
  • I’m glad that I got the MACPUMP. This is the best professional (balloon) pump I have ever used.
  • BIG pump made solid!
  • It’s just as described…could not have been better!
  • Great product and service
  • Well built balloon pump. I am glad it has replaceable parts that I can purchase at my local hardware…
  • Lightening fast shipping of a QUALITY PRODUCT!!
  • Exactly what I was looking for: Excellent pump, price and service!



Maintenance and care of the Macpump Classic Manual pump. 

  • Lift and remove the outer sleeve of the pump a retaining ring will fall out. Wipe the inside of the 4” cylinder until clean using a clean cloth or paper towel. Clean the fixed valve assembly using a clean cloth or paper towel. Inspect the O ring to make sure it is in good shape (replacement O rings available).

    Coat the O ring and the inside of the 4” PVC outer sleeve using a light amount of Vaseline. 

    Assemble the outer sleeve by placing it on the fixed post valve assembly at a slight angel. Use care NOT to pinch the O ring when assembling the outer sleeve. After the valve assembly is inserted straighten the outer sleeve and make sure you have pressure in the downward motion. 

    To replace the retaining ring view this clip. You are now ready to go.