Needless to say I went to my local home store, and after a few tries, I had a working prototype in 3” PVC. Right about this time I got a gig at the local mall lasting through the Christmas holiday. The lines where long and the pump just didn’t have enough capacity to make my twisting more efficient. With each inflate, the 3” PVC left a tail about four inches long which was fine for most things, but I was working harder than I needed to and I knew it.

So I went to my work shop and duplicated the pump into 4” PVC. Now I could literally make a 260 explode! This is how I came up with MACPUMP! The cost was small compared to purchasing one, and even better, the parts for these new pumps were found locally, so that made repair even easier.

I started teaching for private instruction and local workshops. One of the most asked question I received was…”where can I get a pump like yours?” My response was always to refer them to a popular on-line store, and later they would tell me what I already knew…”those pumps are way too expensive!”

Due to the numerous requests, I began to consider making and selling my own pumps, the MACPUMP. I made a few MACPUMPS and took to my next Workshop and literally sold out and orders were placed for more! My next step a few months later was to list the MACPUMP on eBay and sell them across the United States, and almost three years later, I’m still shipping to satisfied customers! The demand has increased, I have made improvements, and I have expanded the MACPUMP line to include a 12 volt floor model, 12 volt cooler model and custom pumps.

“Get twisting with MACPUMP!”